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Welcome at The DADA! - The DADA PENG international institute of spiritualititty with spiritual coaching and end-of-life companionship.(Full Website will be online in June 2024)

NEWS Update!

Our digital Superhero Buddy JOSH welcomes you at The DADA!

We are working with Superhero Buddies and also with digital Buddies at The DADA! In the Video above our digital Buddy Josh welcomes you.

The Grand Opening of the SUPERHERO ACADEMY is also on June 1st!

On June 1st also the SUPERHERO Academy will open up where palliative patients, their families & friends will find support and one on one coachings. In the academy you will also find workshops, cultural events and masterclasses, that will be held online and offline.

Check our Mother Funky Mantra Designs in our SHOP!

Mantras bring positive energy in our lives. We can listen to them, recite and sing them and now also wear them on the street. Check our STREETWEAR COLLECTION with Mother Funky Mantras.
-> Take me to the SHOP!

The DADA! is also the Home of the SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD Academy

The DADA! is also Home of the SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD Academy. Our digital Buddy NELLY introduces the initiative to you.

GRAND OPENING in June 2024!

The DADA!Ā will be an online and offline spiritual institute by DADA PENGĀ with spiritual and cultural classes, concerts, workshops and much more.
The Dada! is my way to live spirituality and to live in harmony with all energetic creatures and all that surrounds me in a western society in 2024.
I want to create something new, because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I am an artist. I am someone living in the middle of Germany. I am many.
And at The DADA! I will bring all this together.
I invite everyone to bring themselves together there too. Find your own way of living, creating, singing and dancing. The DADA! is not about believing in something. It is about creating a lifestyle embracing the spiritual experiences that you have made in your life.“ Ā Ā DADA PENG

What's your Mother Funky Mantra 2day?

OUT on May 31st! The Music Album "Mother Funky Mantras" by DADA PENG

Art, Music, Concerts, Workshops, Parties

The DADA! will be a place full of music, art and creativity.
On May 31st the music album „Mother Funky Mantras“ by DADA PENG will be published. It’s a compilation of classical and newly composed Mantras.
Above you can finde a musicvideo of one of DADA PENGĀ“s very own Mantras. Enjoy and check more videos on our YouTube channel.

Wanna create some positive energy?

Mother Funky Mantras STREETWEAR

Mother Funky Mantras MUSIC ALBUM


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