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Who the fuck is DADA PENG?

DADA PENG is an artist, author, media person and trained end-of-life counselor.
In 2020, DADA PENG celebrated his twentieth hospice anniversary. This means that he entered a hospice for the first time in 2000 and began his active time as a volunteer there. Shortly before that, his father had died of cancer and he had accompanied him at home within the family. His first unconscious accompaniment of the dying, so to speak. After his father’s death, however, it was very difficult to talk about what he had experienced.
DADA PENG wanted to talk about it, but nobody wanted to hear it. At the time, he was working at a German TV station as a presenter and his ā€œnormalā€ life had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of death,dying or spirituality.
At the hospice, he found people who listened. Caregivers and relatives who empathized with him. Dada then trained as a hospice caregiver himself and worked in the hospice for a total of three years on a voluntary basis, alongside his job in front of the camera.
This was followed by some difficult years in which someone from his family or close circle of friends died almost every two years. In 2011, his mother also died of cancer.
ā€œIn times of grief, I wrote. Essays, songs, poems. My first book ā€œmein buch vom leben und sterbenā€ (my book on living and dying) was created from some of these, which I then used to organize a total of 150 concert readings over the years in cooperation with over 100 hospice associations.
This gave me a very good and comprehensive insight into the hospice scene and I realized that there are wonderful offers for old people and children, but hardly enough offers online and offline for the current generation and young people.
This gave me the desire to found an initiative that would take care of precisely such services, empower dying people and emancipate them. That’s how the idea of SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD came about and that’s actually also how The DADA! started.ā€

"Love your Existence" by DADA PENG

"The Art of Fine Dying" by DADA PENG

DADA PENG has published three books by now (Random House & HERDER).
He was awarded with the honorary award of the German Hospice Association (for his first book), the Smart Hero Award and the Hanse Merkur award for child protection (both for SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD).
He also published the music album „The Art of Fine Dying“ and his first very own album with mantras is coming out on may 31st.
Now in 2024 another next chapter starts with the opening of Ā The DADA!
More infos about DADA PENG you can find on his official website:

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Mother Funky Mantras MUSIC ALBUM


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